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Accounts Receivable in erp saas

Accounts Receivable in SaaS ERP Software - Integrated Receiving

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Accounts Receivable in Stream Vaast

Designed to be highly functional, efficient, and easy to learn, the Accounts Receivable module provides the level of receivables control required for maximum cash management and more informed management decisions.

Some Key Features:
    • Flexible Aging
    • High-speed Cash Application
    • Comprehensive Statements
    • Credit Control
    • Automated Customer Hold Process
    • Customer Invoice History Lookup
    • Tightly Integrated Subsidiary
    • Fast Invoice Adjustment Screen
    • Multi-Currency
    • Detailed Invoice Register
    • Deposit Processing
    • Auto-Process Sales Tax
    • Calculate Finance Charges
    • Release Orders On Hold
    • Email and FAX Enabled
    • Self Auditing Invoice Register
    • Sophisticated Statement Generation

SaaS ERP Software Accounts Receivable
erp saas accounts receivable Integrated with Sales Order Entry, Invoicing and Point of Sale, the Stream V Accounts Receivable module allows tight control of credit limits and tracks available credit on an on-line, real-time basis to assure that credit availability is controlled based on the your company's credit policies.

The Stream V Accounts Receivable module is a real-time, transaction driven system that posts data on-line to the subsidiary files and the General Ledger. The automatic on-line, real-time posting to the General Ledger of payment entry and invoice adjustments assures that the company's cash position, as well as the customer's credit availability, is continuously available.