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Customer Relationship Management in Stream Vaast

The Customer Relationship Module is a powerful application which can be used to perform a variety of customer services and marketing tasks. The CRM module is completely integrated with the other modules in the Stream V system, and it allows you to access a large number of programs with a minimum amount of navigation.

Some Key Features:
    • Track Opportunities
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Invoice Lookup
    • Track Shipments
    • Quote Management
    • Incident/Action System Automates Business Processes
    • Contact Management
    • Extensive Note Files
    • Digital Document Mgmt
    • Outlook Interface
    • CRM the way you want it to be

SaaS ERP Software Customer Relationship Management
The CRM Module makes use of customizable multi-parameter browses and standard selection lists. These powerful, interfaces allow you to display and search the records in your database in several different ways.

The CRM system is flexible and it offers a wealth of features that can be implemented when you need them with a minimum of configuration and programming. It offers powerful security options, state of the art technology, and mature procedures that have been developed through many years of real world experience.

The system also offers simplicity which is important for companies who are growing and want to prepare for the future without being overwhelmed by features and configuration requirements they don't need in the present.