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EDI in SaaS ERP Software - EDI Multi Location Inventory

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When an inbound 850 Sales Order is received two of the major processing issues are determining which item(s) the customer wants and selecting the appropriate inventory location from which the item should be shipped.

Some Key Features:
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Reduce total acquisition costs
    • Eliminate the source of error
    • Improve your supply chain

SaaS ERP Software EDI - Powerful Automation
esp saas edi When an item is not available in a warehouse location the system performs a check to determine whether or not to backorder the item in the current location. This check is based upon the control information defined by the QCBL table (in the LongCode file).

The QCBL table contains a break point quantity that determines the point at which the required goods should automatically be backordered in first location the item is defined in. For example, if the break point is set to 10, then if the item is out of stock, the system would attempt to ship orders for 10 or less from another warehouse while orders for over 10 units would be backordered in the current warehouse.