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Warehouse Management in ERP SAAS

Warehouse Management in SaaS ERP - Accurate, Real-Time, Easy to Access

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Warehouse Management in Stream Vaast

Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution business and it is essential to profitable Distribution, Assembly, Manufacturing, and Wholesale operations. Critical in managing inventory levels to control your company's budget and resources, is the ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently. To do this, the Stream Warehouse Management System (WMS) maintains the most accurate, easy to access, real-time inventory available today.

Some Key Features:
    • Seamless Integration in Stream V
    • Online, Real Time Database Updates
    • Inventory or warehouse records created automatically
    • Automatic Normalization
    • Automatic loading of user-definable default information into new inventory records
    • Allocates the items received to any sales or shop orders
    • Field Level security
    • PO/ Inventory Receiving Program
    • Quickly receive against an existing open purchase order
    • Receive inventory without using a purchase order
    • Automatically updates the inventory quantities
    • Supplemental costs
    • Inventory Activity records

SaaS ERP Software Warehouse Management
saas erp warehouse management Stream Vaast Warehouse Management System has the ability to track inventory in multiple locations, either local or remote. The Stream Warehouse Management System supports retail, distribution, and manufacturing environments for companies that prepare for future growth and need cutting-edge efficiency today. Inventory information in multiple locations can be updated by multiple operators simultaneously. Transferring inventory among warehouses takes place on-line to assure immediate availability at the destination warehouse.

The Stream Warehouse Management System is an on-line, real-time, transactional system with activity pertaining to inventory recorded in an inventory transaction file. This provides management with the audit trail necessary to ensure correct product flow. Extensive reports can be produced from the inventory activity file for in-depth management analysis of stocking levels and usage requirements.