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Vendor Drop Shipping in ERP SAAS

Vendor Shipping in SaaS ERP Software - The most efficient way to ship

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Vendor Shipping in Stream Vaast

Vendor shipping is a big part of the Virtual Warehousing paradigm. Imagine having the ability to ship goods directly to your customer's dock from your vendor's warehouse. This capability is built into Stream, we call these shipment types Vendor Ships.

Some Key Features:
    • XML
    • Virtual Warehousing
    • API Enabled
    • Web Access
    • Direct Vendor Link
    • Order Automation
    • Real-time Status from Vendors
    • EDI, Email and FAX Enabled
    • Vendor Contact Management
    • Vendor Drop Ship

SaaS ERP Software Vendor Shipping
saas erp vendor shipping Not just a promise, but a reality. Integration with vendors is limited only by the vendor's connectivity and abilities. Stream's plug in technology allow for multiple access points. Whether its XML, API, EDI, Web Access, or any other means of presenting data to the system, this SaaS software can accommodate it and process it. This and the use of Stream's proprietary Business Rule Processing allows complex automated decision making based on Vendor rules and policies.

Order Lines can be flagged at order entry as Vendor Ship lines. As these lines are saved they automatically create PO's or Requisitions depending on how your system is configured. You have control of the purchasing process flow. If you have a purchasing staff, then these orders appear on the Requisition Screen for action by the purchasers. The purchasers can edit the Requisition, or accept it as is and automatically create a Purchase Order. If you have a smaller staff or a fixed cost from the vendor, you can have the order create a PO directly, and either Automate it's disposition, or have a purchaser make a determination on how it should be sent to the Vendor.