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Order Entry Management in ERP SAAS

Order Management in SaaS ERP Software - Fast & Efficient Order Processing

SAAS ERP Software

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Sales Order Entry in Stream Vaast

Processing your customer's orders fast and efficiently requires more than just order entry. It requires the integration, power, and flexibility of Stream's Order Entry. Combined with Inventory Control, Shipping, and Accounts Receivable modules, Stream's Order Entry streamlines every step of your order processing to make it simple and efficient for you.

Some Key Features:
    • Same Day Shipping
    • Audited Orders
    • Special Pricing
    • Product Catalog
    • Vendor Ship
    • Advanced Kit handling
    • Integrated Catalog Lookup
    • Seamless edits in Warehouse & Inventory record
    • Comment Management
    • VendorLink
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Shipping Management
    • Contract Pricing
    • Real-Time Scheduling Updates
    • Special Reserves and Allocation for Kit Items
    • Intelligent filters
    • History Lookups
    • Smart Determination of Open or Backordered Items

SaaS ERP Software Sales Order Entry
erp saas order entry Powerful and highly integrated, Stream SaaS ERP Order Entry allows your company to efficiently process your orders through the three stages of order processing. Stream V Order Entry accepts order information from the operator, thoroughly audits it, and produces an optional picking list. Support for same-day shipping and sophisticated pricing algorithms provides the flexibility your company needs to stay competitive in todays market.

ERP SaaS Order Entry uses extensive AI algorithms to establish a target price for each item being ordered. The order processing system can automatically price items based on many different criteria, including up to 11 standard price levels, quantity based pricing, sales pricing, customer specific pricing, multi-currency prices, and specia l 'contract/buying group' prices. If the operator modifies the system's calculated target price, the system then validates the price against the company's pricing policy and provides instant feedback to the operator concerning the orders acceptance. Also available is GSA Pricing, Educational Pricing, and Custom Pricing schemes. There is native support for spiffs and special vendor programs.