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Printing & Scanning in ERP SaaS

Integrated Printing & Scanning in SaaS ERP Software - Printing Integration

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Printer Integration in Stream

Printer functionality for your warehouse operations and your inventory management is crucial to running your businesses efficiently. Whether you’re printing product labels and barcodes in the warehouse or printing important financial or company information in the office, printer integration in Stream is designed to make your business run smoother.

Some Key Features:
    • Network access
    • Ready out of box with most network printers
    • Simplify business printouts
    • Warehouse integration
    • Minimize inhouse printers & scanners
    • Standardize business operations
    • Fully integrated in Stream ERP SaaS

SaaS ERP Printer Integration & Management
saas erp order management Printers can be easily integrated to work in Stream. For instance, your company can run more efficiently and cost effectively if you have your printers setup correctly. Instead of supplying multiple employees with printers you can use a single printer that communicates with Stream software for all your employee’s computers.

Most new printers that are on the market have the ability to be remotely accessed by anyone in your company through the company’s in-house network. One such printer that does this is the Brother MFC-6890CN Printer/Scanner. The greatest thing about this kind of printer is that it works out of the box with Stream’s Integrated Document Imaging functionality.

Printer integration in your business is important because it saves you money and your employees save time. The Brother, like most in its class, also provides a network scanner so there is no need for scanners on all of your employee’s desks – this equates to more cost savings.

The Brother MFC line of printers historically uses ink tanks and not ink cartridges and this means that it costs you less money to refill your ink. It also uses ADF (automatic document feeding) for bulk document scanning and is completely supported by Stream to make your business run faster.

Printer integration is Stream is designed to allow you to spend less money and produce more work, keep your infrastructure costs down while making your business run faster, and finally provide your employees with an easy solution to a problem of the past.

Cove Systems does not support or endorse the Brother MFC line of printer/scanners or the Brother MFC-6890CN Printer/Scanner more specifically.