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Returns Management in ERP SAAS

Returns Management in SaaS ERP Software - Item Returned... No Problem

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Returns Management in Stream Vaast

The Returns Management program requires you to select the items for each RA by invoice number. As you insert each new Return Authorization, the system displays the Invoice Lookup program. The Invoice Lookup program is a browse based program that allows you to locate a specific invoice using any of the several different search and display sequences available in the program.

Some Key Features:
    • Identify the items being returned
    • Issue a unique return authorization number
    • View the pricing and other details (shipto information, return and replacement prices, serial numbers) that are associated with the return authorization
    • Flag the items on the RA as received when they are physically received into your warehouse
    • Dispose
    • Create a replacement sales order for the items returned by the customer
    • Credit the customer for the items received against the return
    • Credit into Pending (Credit Received Button in Returns Management)
    • Credit & Create RTV Sales Order
    • Integrated in Accounts Receivable

SaaS ERP Software Returns Management
saas erp Returns management As you save each new Return Authorization record, the system assigns the return a unique RA Number. This RA number is used to track the customer return, and to identify the goods when they are later received at one of your warehouse locations. You should require all customer returns to be identified with a valid RA number, when you are using the RA system.

Once the goods being returned by the customer have been physically received, and any cross shipment or replacement orders have been processed for the return, the RA is closed out by issuing the customer an accounts receivable credit memo.