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RF Guns Warehouse Management in ERP SAAS

RF Guns in SaaS ERP Software - Real-time Data anywhere in your Warehouse

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RF Guns Warehouse Management in Stream Vaast

Stream supports the use of RF Devices in order to access your data real time from anywhere in your warehouse. Real time access allows you staff to continuously have accurate information, even when they are not near a workstation. The use of RF Devices eliminates the need for printing paper documentation and speeds up the handling of materials in the warehouse.

Some Key Features:
    • Identify the items being returned
    • Issue a unique return authorization number
    • View the pricing and other details (shipto information, return and replacement prices, serial numbers) that are associated with the return authorization
    • Flag the items on the RA as received when they are physically received into your warehouse
    • Dispose
    • Create a replacement sales order for the items returned by the customer
    • Credit the customer for the items received against the return
    • Credit into Pending (Credit Received Button in Returns Management)
    • Credit & Create RTV Sales Order
    • Integrated in Accounts Receivable

SaaS ERP Software RF Guns Integration
saas erp rf guns management The primary function of RF Devices is to expedite the processing of warehouse transactions. These transactions include; inventory receipt, serial number capture, bin transfer, sales order picking, shop order pulls and inventory counting.

RF Guns make it easier to receive and manage your inventory and warehouse, double check inventory or to change prices, speed up your business processes and creates more streamlined processes. We also customize the functionality according to your needs.

RF devices used with the Stream Warehouse Management System are programmed using the same programming language as workstation and terminal based Stream V programs. This allows for the uniform use of function keys and commands.