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Inter-Facility Transfer in ERP SAAS

Inter-Facility Transfer in SaaS ERP Software - Transfer with ease

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Inter-Facility Transfer in Stream Vaast

The Inter-Facility Transfer (IFT) System is designed for companies with multiple warehouses that are physically separated from each other.

Some Key Features:
    • Special purpose Vendor records
    • Special purpose IFT Customer records
    • Track Transferred Goods
    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Easily Transfer Goods

SaaS ERP Software Inter-Facility Transfer
erp saas inter-facility transfer Transfering items from one warehouse location to another is handled inside Stream in an easy way that saves you time. With the ability to track those items, you will know where they are when you need them. It doesnt get any easier or more accurate. Interfacility Transfer is going to make your company operate much smoother and more efficiently.