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Bill of Materials in SaaS ERP Software - Essential for your operations

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Bill of Materials in Stream Vaast

Essential in assembly, distribution and manufacturing businesses the Bill of Materials module has everything you need to efficiently run your light assembly & discrete manufacturing processes.

Some Key Features:
    • Shortcut keys
    • Browse & Lookup
    • Kitting Enabled
    • Integrated to Inventory Management
    • Integrated to Shop Order Management
    • Advanced BOM Management
    • Integrated to Shop Floor
    • Leave Multiple Comments
    • BOM date ranges
    • Multiple Inventory Support

SaaS ERP Software Bill of Materials
erp saas bill of materials A Bill of Materials is used by the Shop Floor and the Kitting systems and they define how the items that you build or kit in-house are put together (they list components and quantities required to create a top level item). You can store multiple bills of materials for each item that can be built. Unique identification numbers are automatically assigned.The BOM is integrated into the inventory software so that efficiency turns into profitability.

Integration and easy access to your information is the key to managing your assembly, manufacturing or distribution business successfully; you can describe how the items in a specific Bill of Materials should be used or handled during assembly. The Bill of Materials Comments is accessible from the Shop Floor programs and is automatically printed on the documents produced by the Shop Floor system.