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Inventory control in Stream Vaast

Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution, reseller and retail business and is essential to profitable operations. The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory levels in order to control your company's budget and resources. The Stream Inventory module maintains the most accurate, easy to access, real-time inventory available today.

Some Key Features:
    • Warehouse Management
    • Transaction Tracking
    • RF Devices Doc
    • Auto Allocation
    • Bar Codes
    • Automatic Bin Replenishment
    • Multiple Locations
    • Multi-Bin
    • Vendor Link
    • Bin Tracking
    • Conveyor Processing

SaaS ERP Software Inventory Management
erp saas inventory management The Stream V Inventory Control module is an on-line, real-time, transactional system with activity pertaining to inventory recorded in an inventory transaction file. This provides management with the audit trail necessary to ensure correct product flow. Extensive reports can be produced from the inventory activity file for in-depth management analysis of stocking levels and usage requirements.

Vendor Link allows customers with online access to their vendors' order processing systems to check real-time inventory price and availability (P&A) with the vendor(s). The primary purpose of this system is to recoup the significant amount of time spent checking P&A by the sales staff in a brokerage environment. The vendor provided interfaces checked to date also allow purchase order placement automatically. This allows for an even higher degree of automation with primary vendors and further reduce costs.