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Purchasing & Receiving in ERP SAAS

Purchasing & Receiving in SaaS ERP Software - Supply Chain Management

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Purchasing & Receiving in Stream Vaast

The Supply Chain is possibly the single most important feature to a Manufacturing or Assembly Business. Replenishing your inventory before goods run out with Stream Vaast is Efficient and Easy. The Purchasing module is designed to automate the process of correctly, and efficiently, replenishing inventory as orders are placed and inventory is shipped to meet customer demand.

Some Key Features:
    • Automatic PO Generation
    • Internet Ready
    • Multiple Module Automation
    • Vendor Drop Ship
    • Sophisticated Costing
    • EDI, Email and FAX Enabled
    • VendorLink
    • Scalable
    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Real-time Status from Vendors
    • Vendor Contact Management

SaaS ERP Software Order Management
saas erp order management Easily configure different purchase order types for specific projects. These purchase order types are supported through the use of parameter and object-based programming which allows for the easy configuration of the system for specific requirements without custom programming.

Integrated with Stream V Receiving, the Purchasing System captures and maintains comprehensive historical purchasing and receiving information that assists in making cost-effective and timely purchasing decisions. Historical information may be analyzed by vendor, item, product line and/or purchase order type, using the wide range of reports provided, the ad-hoc report writer, or by exporting the data to a favorite spread sheet program.

Stream provides access to vendors and the supply chain via the Internet by using the integrated Stream V eCommerce, EDI, and VendorLink technologies. Stream eCommerce allows the processing of completely secure eCommerce transactions by customers and vendors from anywhere in the world using standard Web browsers.