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Incidents & Actions in ERP SAAS

Incidents & Actions in SaaS ERP Software - CRM Integration

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Incidents & Actions in Stream Vaast

The Incident and Actions system is a powerful and versatile tracking system that can be used for a variety of tasks within a support and service organization. An Incident is defined as an activity undertaken by your business to ensure Customer satisfaction and the smooth flow of activities throughout your companies processes.

Some Key Features:
    • Service & Support Tracking
    • Stages of Incidents
    • Warranty
    • Outlook Integration
    • Company or Contact Centric
    • Rep Dasboard
    • CRM Integration
    • RA Interface
    • Customer Service
    • Serial/Lot Numbers

SaaS ERP Software Incidents & Actions
erp saas incidents & actions Email, appointment, and task integration with MS Outlook are available. Incidents can be of single instance duration or can track support for a particular customer through a month, quarter or year. Every time an action is initiated within a particular incident, it is attached and tracked from that moment on, regardless of who is handling the individual action. Email, appointment, and task integration with MS Outlook are available in the Stream V Incident & Actions System.

All incidents are visible to the entire enterprise using the CRM module. This allows Sales, Accounting, Service personnel, and Management to have an instant view of what is occurring at every customer, and the status of the Incidents that are active. This allows Sales specifically to be "on top of it" when calling clients for other reasons. They can immediately communicate to the client what is going on without the usual "hold on while I check" that occurs when using disparate applications for these functions.