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Special Product Pricing in ERP SAAS

Special Pricing in SaaS ERP Software - Price According to Needs

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Special Pricing Management in Stream Vaast

Treat your VIP customers special without any hassle. Are all your customers the same? No, they aren't; so, don't treat them all the same. With Special Pricing in Stream Vaast you can show your customers that you appreciate their business by setting up special prices for them only. There are many types of special prices that can be awarded to your customers depending on the quantity or quality of their order.

Some Key Features:
    • Pricing Levels
    • Customer Price Discounts
    • Special Pricing Discounts
    • Quantity Pricing
    • Quantity Discounts
    • Supplemental Quantity Discounts
    • Contract Pricing
    • Customer Type/Product Line Discounts
    • Contract Discounts
    • Cumulative Quantity Pricing
    • Cumulative Quantity Discounts
    • Product Line Quantity Pricing

SaaS ERP Software Special Pricing
saas erp special pricing Special Pricing offers multiple pricing methods to support the wide variety of ways that you do business with your customers. These pricing methods are based on the variables that are most commonly used to establish a customers price for a particular product.

During order entry the system will calculate the appropriate price to default to once the item number and quantity have been entered. This price is the "target price". Based on system, parameters this price is either fixed or can be changed by the operator. The Special Pricing system can be setup to audit the price and take actions based on the results of the audit.