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UPS Shipping Management in ERP SAAS

UPS Shipping Integration in SaaS ERP Software - Increase your Productivity

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UPS Shipping Management in Stream Vaast

Flexibility is the Key to Automated Processing. Host Manifest Upload (HMU) is a new UPS required vehicle to transmit UPS Package Level Detail from Stream to the UPS Host System via the Internet. Using secured communications protocols to ensure that the data can be viewed only by UPS, a formatted ASCII file from each shipping location is uploaded to UPS on a daily basis.

Some Key Features:
    • Multiple Accounts Supported
    • Enhanced On-Line Tracking
    • Auditable
    • Automated Manifests
    • Shipment History
    • Host Manifest Upload Compliant
    • Truly Multi-user and Multi-Locational
    • Extensive COD Tag Options
    • eCommerce Interface
    • Insurance Options
    • Increases Productivity

SaaS ERP Software UPS Shipping Integration
saas erp ups shipping integration Multiple physical warehouses can be maintained from a single, centralized data location. Multiple shipping/manifesting lines can be utilized in the warehouse. Automated scales can be configured to interface with the system so that, as boxes roll down the rolling stock, they pass over the scale that transmits the box weight directly into the manifest. No more problems with incorrect weights on the billing audits.

The use of this one module can result in reduced manpower needs. This module can free up at least one man from the shipping point of your warehouse and put him back in the picking lines where he is needed. Automatically produced manifests mean less errors and more shipping profit.