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Drop Ship Fulfillment in ERP SAAS

Drop Shipping in SaaS ERP Software - Order & Shipping Fulfillment

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To provide additional customer service, and differentiate your company from your customers other suppliers, Cove supports 'Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment'. Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment is the process of your company accepting orders from your customer for direct shipment to your customer's customer (the consumer).

Some Key Features:
    • Multiple shipping addresses
    • Carrier Account
    • Returned to the Correct Address
    • Packing Lists
    • Sales Orders
    • Shipping Methods
    • Return Address Flag
    • Shipping Labels
    • Customer Specific
    • LongCode
    • AIC

SaaS ERP Software Order Management
erp saas order management dropship fulfillment Multiple shipping address (ShipTo) support in Order Entry. You may store an unlimited number of shipping addresses per customer. The shipping addresses can either be your customer's facilities or names and consumer addresses. Each ShipTo address may contain the name of a specific custom label print routine to be used to create customer specific labels - which are different from shipping labels, i.e. Asset Tags, routing tags, serial numbers etc

The system can use a special customer specific invoice print routine whenever invoices are printed for shipments made for a customer. This allows invoices to include graphics, and other information not normally on them.